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Hey US, are you asking who to vote in november?

Down to no choice

There isn’t actually a choice, let’s face it. None of the candidates is worth a vote, but nevertheless casting a vote is said to be the spirit of democracy. Evidently, for me, democracy is a thing that had a possibility of existence in ancient Greek. What we today call democracy is an outdated way of pretending that people truly have the authority to shape their society. When the de facto perception of some people of wealth is that common people are worms in comparison with anything they can lay eyes on.

Look if that sounds like conspirational BS to you, let me tell you that sometimes we are taught by scholars that power comes from 6 sources these 6 sources are:

  • 1 Physical Force
  • 2 Money
  • 3 State and laws
  • 4 Social standards
  • 5 Ideas and technology
  • 6 Masses of people

And my question is this: Don’t you think that one source from this list stands out? Nothing? Perhaps MONEY?
Let us face it money can easily influence the other 5 sources if not even can …