some people say that i am skinhead …

This article has been written before more than 24months, information might old.

I am not a skinhead i admit , but many people call me to be one , i really dress like a soldier , and have very short hair , almost bald , but again this is for hygiene and most of soldiers have this hair style , i carry almost always a backpack , i am not racist , but i am more careful around blacks and gypsies , mostly i listen to RAC / NS / Reichstrock , or any metal band with NS lyrics , and i do this because if we were to exclude racism , the NS ideology is promoting honesty , anti-drugs , anti-nihilism , anti-communism , anti-non-naturalism , atheism , nationalism , leadership , it can’t be denied that wehrmacht soldiers were very skillful in combat , i just despite all the s.h.a.r.p and antifa cause they do hate me without any real reason , i am just proud of being white , and proud cause at the rots i was a dacian , and dacians where at root tracians , and the tracian emblem was swastika , one of our great 15 century leader named ” Stefan Cel Mare ” has engraved on his tomb the swastika , this is history if we take the word ” barbaryan ” we will notice that is a composed word the first part is ” barb ” and it meas beard and the second ” aryan ” meaning men , and same in dacian the word ” barbat ” means at the roots man who has beard .

They call me ignorant but i am always studying , they call me close minded but i am always opened to any discussion and i always use arguments and logic , they call me racist but never had i hit anyone in my life cause their skin color was different , now tell me please who is the ignorant here , who hasn’t anything else better to do than aggress nationalists , and take drugs and being nihilist ? Who wants anarchy ? Who is against education ? Why my legal rights are ignored , why i must hear everywhere ” nazi scum ” and ” nazis raus ” , why i don’t have the right to meet my friends and salute them like Romans and gladiators did with the arm straight forward , why NS concerts are banned , why we are hunt down by police if we have the courage to show we are proud of our identity , being proud is the source of power for a true warrior , where is my right for free speech , damn the governments NS prohibition laws , damn the German , Romanian Serbian and so on governments with their NS prohibition laws . Like we always said free man are equal but equal man are not free . I know you problem is that you all fear us , you fear cause will end corruption , and stealing , and cause we want morality and order and we are sick of bastards that have only one scope to usurp our sacred lands and counties , we stood and will stand forever for true freedom , honesty and honor , my advice for ANTIFA and SHARP people that use drugs get drunk every night , piss on streets , spit on everything and have no education to get a real life and start reading books , learn languages , learn history , learn who you are , cause if you will not do this then all that your life means is ” pining your own shadow to the ground ” ( old Romanian proverb )

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