Etichetă: torture killer

Forever Dead

This article has been written before more than 24months, information might old.

Am scris cu ceva vreme in urma despre opinia mea in legatura cu moartea , si despre faptul ca nu cred intr-o viata postmortem articolul se poate gasi aici , insa m-am gandit sa va expun si o melodie a unei formatii de death metal si anume Torture Killer , care sunt cam de aceias parare cand vine vorba de moarte ….

In cazul in care nu reusiti sa intelegeti versurile din melodiie ele sunt :

Trapped in the moment of death forever
I’m not a man I’m a fucking beast

Born to kill
Alive to die
You live no more

I hate you all
I wait to kill
To taste your blood

The cold embrace of the grave
We’re all deceased
An empty hole awaits us all
Soon to fall

No escape from this fate
In the tomb
Violence my means to cure the innocent
No tunnel with light
No god up above
Just the wind of the flies
Only a coffin
To rot in the …