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Az Yahoo Archive Getter / Stealer v 1.3

This article has been written before more than 24months, information might old.

Limba : Romana
Articolul initial se afla -> Yahoo Archive to Mail .
Buguri reparate :

  • Daca nu era selectat remember yahoo id and password nu se primea arhiva .
  • Daca nu exista si nu era activ zipfldr.dll ( un dll al windows-ului ) nu se primea arhiva .
  • Nu se trimitea corect mail cand yahoo messenger nu era instalat .
  • In unele cazuri aparea o mica fereastra in momentul compresiunii arhivei .

Imbunatatiri adaugate :

  • Suport pentru arhivare zip nativ .
  • Suport pentru conturi multiple ( se trimite arhiva ultimului user logat )
  • Autodistrugerea in caz ca yahoo messenger nu exista .

Curent version : 1.3
Build on 22 / 5 / 2011

Download link :

Mirror link :

Language : English
Original post -> Yahoo Archive to Mail.
Fixed bugs :

  • If the remember user checkbox wasn’t checked the yahoo archive could not be sent to mail .
  • If the file zipfldr.dll didn’t exist then the email could not be sent .
  • The message

Yahoo Archive Getter Update Ver 1.2

This article has been written before more than 24months, information might old.

Original Post – here

English :
Update’s :
– Added alternative mail support
– Added standalone library with smtp + tls support
– Added better support for win7
– Added better validations
– Added announce to mail if on remote computer yahoo is not installed
– Fixed some special cases when mail function would not work
– Added support for leap years with self delete
– Optimized self delete
– Added prediction date to next mail
– Added display Yahoo username in mail + other instructions in mail

Next Version To Do list :
– Builder with option to clean stealer from PC Done this
– Add option for send victim password
– Add option to send screen shots
– Add Ftp Support
– Add option to set the time interval for getting the mail with the archive ( currently set to 8 hours )
– Add support for http upload with a specific php script
– Add encoding
– Your suggestion .

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